Action Plans 

All IUCN SSC Specialist Groups develop conservation strategies for particular species or groups of species. These Action Plans assess the current situation of species throughout their habitats, and – most importantly – lay out the steps needed for their protection. One of the strengths of such Action Plans is that they combine overviews of the species with clear delineations of conservation priorities. The Primate Specialist Group has published the following conservation action plans:

Great Ape Action Plans

All great ape action plans are available for download below. Concise regional action plans have been produced for chimpanzees in West Africa, Cross River gorillas and Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees. 


Regional Action Plan for West African Chimpanzees (2003)

IUCN West African Chimpanzees: Status Survey and Action Plan (2003)

CBSG Orangutan PHVA (2005)

Regional Action Plan for Chimpanzees and Gorillas in Western Equatorial Africa (2005)

Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Cross River Gorilla (2007)

Indonesian Orangutan National Action Plan 2007–2017 (2009)

IUCN Eastern Chimpanzee: Status Survey and Action Plan 2010–2020 (2010)

Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee (2011)

Sabah Orangutan Action Plan 2012–2016 (2011)

WWF African Great Apes Action Plan 2011–2017 (2011)

Chimpanzee Conservation Action Plan for Tanzania (2012) Workshop Report

CBSG Western Chimpanzee PHVA for Sierra Leone (2012)

IUCN Bonobo Conservation Strategy (2012)

IUCN Grauer's Gorillas and Eastern Chimpanzees in DRC (2012)

Revised Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Cross River Gorilla (2014)

IUCN Regional Action Plan for Western Lowland Gorillas and Central Chimpanzees 2015–2025

Chimpanzee Conservation Action Plan for Gombe-Mahale Ecosystem Tanzania (2015)

TAWIRI Tanzania Chimpanzee Conservation Action Plan 2018–2023


FRENCH PDFs / fichier PDF en français

Plan d'Action Régional des Chimpanzés en Afrique de l'Ouest (2003)

UICN Chimpanzés d'Afrique de l'Ouest: Plan d'Action (2004)

Plan d'Action Régional des Chimpanzés et des Gorilles en Afrique Centrale (2005)

UICN Chimpanzé de Schweinfurth : État de conservation de l’espèce et plan d’action 2010–2020

Plan d’action régional pour la conservation du chimpanzé du Nigeria-Cameroun (2011)

UICN Bonobo Stratégie de Conservation (2012)

UICN Gorille de Grauer et Chimpanzé à l'est de la RDC (2012)

UICN Plan d’action pour la conservation des gorilles de plaine de l’Ouest et des chimpanzés 2015–2025



The impact of the western chimpanzee action plan was assessed in 2008 and the report by Rebecca Kormos can be downloaded here.

Additional information related to the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee action plan is available here, with population size estimates here.

Additional information related to the bonobo conservation strategy is available here.

Additional information on great ape conservation in Western Equatorial Africa is available here.


To request a paper copy of an action plan published by the PSG or IUCN, please contact Jill Lucena at