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Action Plans

All of the Specialist Groups in the IUCN Species Survival Commission publish in-depth reports on the conservation status of particular species or groups of species. These Action Plans assess the current situation of species throughout their habitats, and – most importantly – lay out the necessary steps for their protection. The strength of the Action Plan format is in its combination of species overviews and the clear delineation of conservation priorities.

The Primate Specialist Group has published a number of conservation action plans dealing with species
groups and individual species. These include:

African Primates (Revised edition) (1996) English
Western Chimpanzees (2003) English & French
Eastern Chimpanzees (2010, 2011) English & French

For hard copies of the first three titles, please contact Jill Lucena; they may be difficult to find, but she will do her best.

Copies of the West African Chimpanzee action plans are available in both English and French editions; please contact Jill Lucena: ( for more information.

The "Lemurs of Madagascar - A Strategy for their Conservation 2013-2016"  is currently available only in electronic form. Supplementary material: The proposed budgets for the projects in the 2013-2016 lemur action plan can be viewed in a separate excel file.

Also available are shorter publications of regional and species action plans, which provide strategic guidelines for the conservation of chimpanzees in West Africa, chimpanzees and gorillas in Equatorial West Africa, and orangutans in Indonesia, as well as for the Cross River gorilla and the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee in West Africa.

The impact of the first great ape action plans was assessed in 2008 and you can download Rebecca Kormos' report here.

All of the great ape action plans are available for download below:

Regional Action Plan for Western Chimpanzees (2003) 2.30 MB
Western Chimpanzee: Status Survey and Action Plan (2003) 1.90 MB
Regional Action Plan for Chimpanzees and Gorillas in Western Equatorial Africa (2005) 2.00 MB
Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Cross River Gorilla (2007) 2.50 MB
Indonesian Orangutan National Action Plan 2007-2017 (2009) 3.20 MB
Eastern Chimpanzee: Status Survey and Action Plan 2010-2020 (2010) 3.70 MB
Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee (2011) 2.40 MB
Sabah Orangutan Action Plan 2012–2016 (2012) 13.00 MB
Western Chimpanzee PHVA for Sierra Leone (2012)
4.30 MB
Bonobo Conservation Strategy (2012) 4.40 MB
Grauer's Gorillas and Eastern Chimpanzees (2012) 6.90 MB
Revised Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Cross River Gorilla (2014) 4.40 MB


Plan d'Action Régional des Chimpanzés en Afrique de l'Ouest (2003)
2.30 MB
Chimpanzés d'Afrique de l'Ouest: Plan d'Action (2004) 7.70 MB
Plan d'Action Régional des Chimpanzés et des Gorilles en Afrique Centrale (2005) 3.00 MB
Chimpanzé de Schweinfurth : État de conservation de l’espèce et plan d’action 2010–2020 (2011) 3.70 MB

Plan d’action régional pour la conservation du chimpanzé du Nigeria-Cameroun (2011)
Bonobo Stratégie de Conservation (2012)
Gorille de Grauer et Chimpanzé à l'est de RDC (2012)

Additional information related to the bonobo conservation strategy and higher resolution PDFs are here.


3.20 MB
3.80 MB
6.40 MB