Neotropical Primates

Volume 12, Number 1
April 2004

Individual Articles in PDF:

Aquino & Bodmer
Póveda & Sánchez-P.
Oliveira et al.
Herrera & Heymann
Ruíz et al.
Port-Carvalho & Ferrari
Calderón-Arguedas et al.
Gamboa-Coronado et al.


Plantos Alimentarios por Primates en Perú
Habitat Use by Saguinus leucopus
New Records of Saguinus martinsi
Injury and Behavioral Changes in Saguinus mystax
Callicebus cupreus Birth at Quebrada Blanco
Diet of Chiropotes s. satanas in Maranhão
Infección por Cuterébridos en Alouatta palliata
Flora Bacterial Oral en Monos de Costa Rica


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PLEASE NOTE: The individual articles for Herrera & Heymann and Ruíz et al. are scanned images rather than PDFs, and thus are substantially larger files. We are working to produce leaner versions of these two articles, and we regret any inconvenience in the meanwhile.