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South Asian Primates Pocket Identification Guide

This next entry in the series of pocket guides focuses on the primates of South Asia — in particular, those that occur in the Indian subcontinent and the neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, as well as the Himalayan nations of Nepal and Bhutan.

The primate fauna of this immense region, which extends from the Hindu Kush to the Irawaddy Delta, covers a taxonomic spectrum ranging from slender lorises to the hoolock gibbons. Forty-three taxa are presented in this pocket guide, each illustrated by the primate artist Stephen Nash and paired with newly updated distribution maps. The guide is supplemented by a full-color, two-panel overview map of the region, plus an inset map focusing on Sri Lanka. Additional artwork details the subtle differences between populations of the hoolock gibbons, and the final panel presents a taxonomic checklist for the dedicated primate-watcher.

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Molur, S., Walker, S., Brandon-Jones, D., Dittus, W., Kumar, A., Singh, M. and Das, J. 2008. South Asian Primates Pocket Identification Guide. Conservation International Tropical Pocket Guide Series #5. Conservation International, Arlington, VA.