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Monkeys of the Guianas Pocket Identification Guide

Conservation International and the Primate Specialist Group have published another in their series of folding pocket guides, this one covering the eight primate taxa found in the forests of the Guianas.

Much more than a simple recognition sheet, this is a compact field guide with detailed profiles of the species and subspecies that occur in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Each profile includes full-body illustrations by primate artist Stephen Nash, as well as close-up portraits to highlight facial features and regional variation. The color artwork for each species is supplemented by an extended series of positional sketches, which show common postures and behaviors including feeding, movement and social interactions.

The extensive text, unique to this entry in the series, provides an overview of key features for immediate recognition, as well as a compact summary of natural history to help place sightings in broader ecological context. Detailed notes on distribution, together with the most recent range maps, round out each species profile. Laminated for durability and weighing less than two ounces, this is a convenient, informative companion for any excursion in the Guianas.

For an example of a species profile, please see our sample page. To order a copy, please visit or contact Jill Lucena at for more information.


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