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Monkeys of the Atlantic Forest Pocket Identification Guide

Conservation International has just published a new pocket identification guide featuring the primates of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Illustrated by wildlife artist Stephen Nash, this field-ready recognition guide presents full-color illustrations of the 23 species of Atlantic Forest primates, including regional color morphs, facial details and individual distribution maps.

This field-ready pocket guide highlights the primate fauna of one of the world's biodiversity hotspots — a biome of exceptional richness, which has been whittled down through centuries of exploitation to only a few percent of its original expanse. The primates of the Atlantic Forest have suffered great losses in the past century, from both pervasive hunting and relentless habitat erosion. Of the primate taxa featured in this pocket guide, four are considered Endangered and another eight are Critically Endangered, and the recently described Cebus flavius may be added to their number as well.

Arranged by genus on six double-sided panels, the pocket guide folds into a lightweight, durable package. Laminated to resist tropical humidity, it includes local names and a checklist of the recognized taxa, plus a map of the original extent of the Atlantic Forest biome. Monkeys of the Atlantic Forest is ideal for field research, ecotourism or as an easy reference guide. Prepare for your journey to the Atlantic Forest and order one today!

This publication is no longer available. 


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