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Lemurs of Madagascar Pocket Identification Guide

Conservation International has just published an updated edition of the Lemurs of Madagascar pocket identification guide, featuring illustrations of 93 lemur taxa by the prolific primate artist Stephen Nash. Each lemur is presented together with an individual distribution map, arranged by genus on nine double-sided panels which fold into an easily portable sheaf. The pocket guide is laminated to resist tropical humidity and includes a checklist of all 93 species and subspecies of lemurs. The Lemurs of Madagascar pocket guide is ideal for field research, ecotourism or as an easy reference guide. Start your lemur life list today!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! Please note that we have sold out of this edition. We have just published two new pocket guides to the lemurs, divided between diurnal and nocturnal species, and updated to include the many new species which have been described in the past two years. Please take a look at our new pocket guides for diurnal and nocturnal lemurs, complete with sample pages.

We very much appreciate your interest in the lemurs of Madagascar — your purchase of these field guides helps support conservation efforts throughout their native habitat. Good luck on your next trip to Madagascar!



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