ISSN 0343-3528

Senior Editor: Christoph Schwitzer, Bristol Zoological Society, Bristol, UK

Editors: Fay Clark, Bristol Zoological Society, Bristol, UK
Claudia Fichtel, German Primate Center, Göttingen, Germany
Jörg U. Ganzhorn, University of Hamburg, Germany
Tony King, The Aspinall Foundation, Port Lympne, UK
Vanessa Mass, VMC Environment INC., Toronto, Canada
Rodin M. Rasoloarison, German Primate Center, Göttingen, Germany
Jonah H. Ratsimbazafy, GERP, Antananarivo, Madagascar
M. Sylviane N. Volampeno, Mikajy Natiora, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Anne D. Yoder, Duke University Lemur Center, Durham, USA

Lemur News publishes manuscripts that deal largely or exclusively with lemurs and their habitat. The aims of the newsletter are 1) to provide a forum for exchange of information about all aspects of lemur biology and conservation, and 2) to alert interested people to particular threats to lemurs as they arise.

Lemur News welcomes the results of original research, field surveys, advances in field and laboratory techniques, book reviews, and informal status reports from research, conservation and management programs with lemurs in Madagascar and around the world. Manuscripts should be sent to:

Christoph Schwitzer
Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Bristol BS8 3HA

For detailed information on the proper formatting of submissions, please consult the Instructions for Contributors.

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