Conservation of Primates in Indochina

Symposium Abstracts:
Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam
November 26-30, 2008

In late November 2008, scientists from across southeast Asia gathered at Cuc Phuong National Park, in the karst mountainscape of northern Vietnam, for a symposium on the unique primates of Indochina. One hundred and nineteen researchers, conservationists and zoo professionals participated in the symposium, representing sixty-one institutions from eleven countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Many students and researchers attended from agencies and universities throughout Vietnam, and other important range countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, China and Lao PDR were also well-represented.

Over the three days of the symposium, local and international researchers gave forty-two presentations on the taxonomy, ecology and conservation of the Indochinese primate fauna. The abstracts for thirty-nine of those presentations have been included in the symposium proceedings, together with the organizers’ introduction, the working schedule and a list of contributors:

Symposium Abstracts: Conservation of Primates in Indochina

The symposium organizers have encouraged the participants to submit papers based on their presentations, which will form the nucleus of a forthcoming edited volume or special journal issue. Further details will be made available as this project progresses; for more information, please contact the symposium organizers:

Tilo Nadler
Frankfurt Zoological Society
Endangered Primate Rescue Center
t.nadler {at}

Ben Rawson
Conservation International
b.rawson {at}

The symposium was sponsored by the Frankfurt Zoological Society and Conservation International, co-hosted by the Vietnam Forest Protection Department, with additional support from the Primate Action Fund, Primate Conservation, Inc. and the Cuc Phuong National Park in Vietnam.