African Primates

Volume 7, Number 2

Individual Articles in PDF:

De Jong & Butynski

Primates of East Africa: Countries and Conservation

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Reynolds et al.

Dietary Sodium: Budongo Forest Chimpanzees

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Danquah et al.

Primate Survey: Bia-Gaoso Forest Block, Ghana

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Buzzard & Parker

Surveys of Subri River Forest Reserve, Ghana

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Houngbedji et al.

Djego-Djossou et al.

Wijtten et al.

Hamerlynck et al.

Wieczkowski et al.

Young et al.

Danzy et al.

Wiafe & Amoah

Gautier et al.


Red-bellied Guenon in the Western Dahomey Gap

Colobe du Geoffroy, Foret Sacree de Kikele, Benin

Activity Budgets of Peter's Angola Black-and-White Colobus

Red Colobus and Tana Mangabey on the Lower Tana Floodplain

Inferred Tana Mangabey Predation by African Crowned Eagle

Unusual Prey Items of Barbary Macaque

South African Vervet Monkeys Sunbathing

Field Patrol Monitoring in Kakum Conservation Area, Ghana

Annie Gautier-Hion (1940-2011)

Upcoming Meetings (2012-2013)

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