Primates of Colombia

Taxonomy and Conservation Status
July 2006

Family Callitrichidae

Cebuella pygmaea pygmaea Pygmy marmoset LC
Callimico goeldii Goeldi's monkey NT
Saguinus fuscus Lesson’s saddle-back tamarin LC
Saguinus geoffroyi Geoffroy's tamarin LC
Saguinus inustus Mottle-face tamarin LC
Saguinus leucopus Silvery-brown bare-face tamarin VU A2c
Saguinus nigricollis graellsi
Saguinus nigricollis hernandezi
Saguinus nigricollis nigricollis
Graell’s black-mantle tamarin
Hernández-Camacho’s black mantle tamarin
Spix’s black mantle tamarin
Saguinus oedipus Cotton-top tamarin EN B1+2abcde, C2a

Family Cebidae

Saimiri sciureus albigena
Saimiri sciureus cassiquiarensis
Saimiri sciureus macrodon
Humboldt’s squirrel monkey
Ecuadorian squirrel monkey
Cebus albifrons albifrons
Cebus albifrons cesarae
Cebus albifrons malitiosus
Cebus albifrons versicolor
Cebus albifrons yuracus
White-fronted capuchin
Varied capuchin
Andean white-fronted capuchin
Cebus apella apella Guianan brown capuchin LC
Cebus capucinus capucinus
Cebus capucinus curtus
White-faced capuchin
Gorgona white-fronted capuchin
Cebus macrocephalus Large-headed capuchin LC

Family Aotidae

Aotus brumbacki Brumback's night monkey VU B1+2c
Aotus griseimembra Grey-legged night monkey EN B1+2abcde
Aotus lemurinus Colombian or lemurine night monkey VU B1+2c, C2a
Aotus nancymaae Ma's night monkey LC
Aotus nigriceps Black-headed night monkey LC
Aotus trivirgatus Douroucouli, owl monkey, night monkey LC
Aotus vociferans Noisy night monkey LC
Aotus zonalis Panamanian night monkey DD

Family Pitheciidae

Callicebus cupreus Red titi, Coppery titi LC
Callicebus discolor Red-crowned titi LC
Callicebus lucifer Rufous-tailed collared titi LC
Callicebus lugens Widow monkey, white-chested titi LC
Callicebus medemi Medem's titi LC
Callicebus ornatus Ornate titi VU B1ab(iii)
Pithecia monachus milleri
Pithecia monachus monachus
Miller’s monk saki
Geoffroy’s monk saki
VU A2c
Cacajao melanocephalus ouakary Spix's black-headed uacari LC

Family Atelidae

Alouatta palliata aequatorialis Ecuadorian mantled howling monkey LC
Alouatta seniculus seniculus Red howling monkey LC
Ateles belzebuth White-bellied spider monkey VU A2acd
Ateles fusciceps rufiventris Colombian black spider monkey VU A1c, B1+2c
Ateles geoffroyi grisescens Hooded spider monkey EN B1+2abcde, C2a
Ateles hybridus brunneus
Ateles hybridus hybridus
Brown spider monkey
Variegated spider monkey
CR A3cd
CR A3cd
Lagothrix cana cana Geoffroy's woolly monkey NT
Lagothrix lagothricha Humboldt's woolly monkey LC
Lagothrix lugens Colombian woolly monkey VU A2acd
Lagothrix poeppigii Poeppig’s woolly monkey NT


Total Taxa: 50
Total Threatened: 14
Percent Threatened: 28%

Note: This is presented as a working taxonomy and is not definitive.

The conservation status of each species is based on assessment summaries provided by the IUCN Red List. The Red List website offers more information on the threat categories listed here.


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