Contacting the PSG

To contact the PSG with questions, suggestions or reports from the field please use our correspondence address below.

Any correspondence you prefer to send as hardcopy may be mailed to:

Primate Specialist Group
Global Wildlife Conservation
c/o WeWork Chinatown
718 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

We'll be glad to hear from you, but please be aware of three things:

1. The Primate Specialist Group is a volunteer network, and as such has no paying positions available at this time.

2. The PSG serves to exchange and disseminate information on primate conservation, but students should please take note: we cannot serve as the only source of information for a paper or report. We are quite willing to help you find resources that might not be at your library, or even put you in contact with a specific primatologist; but answering general questions is beyond the scope of our time. You are certainly welcome, of course, to draw from the tables and summaries provided on this website — so long as you clearly cite this website as your source, and include the URLs of specific pages and the dates you accessed them.

3. Finally, please note that all photos, artwork and other images on this website are the property of their respective creators, and may not be used without their permission.